I didn’t even fire it with particularly doubled power!? This was natural, right? ], [Guhahahahaha! [……I see. Isn't it ten times more than that of the former Lucifer!? Anyways there are Characters who are absolutely above Issei like great red, trihexha 666 and the oruboros dragon. Issei is a 17-year old high-school student of average height with short brown hair and light brown eyes. During the reigns of the also wiki said ddraig can destroy the world several times over (dunno if its true or not, haven't read the novels), if that's casual feat then it'd help dxd side. just the ninjas world and naruto , sasuke, in the 4 ninjas war and. "How many times can I do my max doubling? That’s what I thought for a moment before the lower half of his body starts to build up muscle from the area where it is gone and starts to form a shape. And Issei is far faster than Rosweisse and cochell as he was taging vali who himself is far faster than them. Following Ddraig’s instructions, I stuck out my hand and aimed at Koneko-chan’s onee-san. The first time that I knew of." ……Eh? The new form of the power of destruction is none other than Sirzechs himself. A mirror appears from the magic-circle which is in Crocell's hand, and he tries to block the light. Twice as strong as Ddraig and Albion combined. [Due to the characteristics of my ability, I have powers to cover those weaknesses. Until the Welsh Dragon Ddraig and the Vanishing Dragon Albion broke out and fought on the battlefield of the ongoing war. "....So a restriction in order to be able to unleash that power when you think about doing it, right? It passed right by onee-san and went far into the forest. [Great Red mewakili impian.....impian yang dimiliki seseorang. In other words, his opponent appeared to launch a bombardment from the south in the first three. DxDverse has the potential to be more powerful imo but for now it gets wrecked by the Narutoverse. So you are telling me the Holy Grail can do the same feat……. She took a pen and started drawing lines. That power has no meaning unless it lands a hit. His first girlfriend suddenly kills him, but Rias saves him and brings him back to life as a Devil of her own clan, thus making him a member of the Occult Research Club… Check out the latest photos by Ddraig the Red: http://www.eyeem.com/u/25569510 Take and discover photos on EyeEm. It ended already……? Issei Hyoudou is the main protagonist of the series. the format inside the spoilers sucks (don't read if you don't want to be traumatized. Using that power inside Ryuuteimaru, I realized. Since the amount you can store is still little, you can’t fire it consecutively, though.]. Great Red had existed in the dimensional gap for a long, long time. as for the thread itself, isn't dxd character relativistic in speed? So until anyone on dxd could really show an on panel feat of that amount of damage, it won't be enough evidence to win this debate. No he doesnt that guy been getting debunked by everyone on comicvine saying the verse can beat Naruto, @takenstew22: Hasn't busted anything quantifiable since then tho. Only my soul remained at the dimensional gap, but I returned with a brand new body. That’s why it’s dangerous.”, Supposing it can fire an attack powerful enough to be able to break the planet... there’s no way you could shoot something like that easily. Yeah, that's like the only quantifiable feat I can remember from the series lol. In preparation for an extended battle, Sona wanted to decide on a base of rest and also capture the recovery points that you will have been prepared for the game as soon as possible. “Yes, please look. From the amount of aura I can feel right now……. ], ……Getting a brand new body? At least at that point. True Dragon Deification was scary because of the risk of the body not being able to adapt, but [A×A] with Ryuuteimaru was too scary because, on the contrary, the risk was low. And great red and ophis can survive in the dimensional gap which is a void and anyone who falls into it ceases to exist. This really does work! The full dash will cost 50% of your boost gauge to perform normally, and 25% with the Ddraig Head powerup. Sona took a quick look at the field map that was displayed on a table. The Welsh Dragon is a heraldic symbol that appears on the national flag of Wales. Without any barrier of field, it will make everything go back to nothingness. Much like the original Red Frame, this is a great move for closing the distance between you and a target, making it easy to launch devastating sneak attacks. I see, I was also the same. Ddraig is the legendary Red Dragon of Wales and one of the legendary Two Heavenly Dragons alongside his arch-rival Albion.He resides within the Longinus, Boosted Gear, wielded by Issei Hyoudou.Long ago, he got into a fight with Albion which was disrupted by the Three Great Factions who were at war during the time. In order to gain an immediate understanding of the damage done, Sona ordered his Bishop Kusaka to activate as masks for his Artificial Sacred Gear. I'm sure I'm not wrong.]. The oldest recorded use of the dragon to symbolise Wales is in the Historia Brittonum, written around AD 829, but it is popularly supposed to have been the battle standard of King Arthur and other ancient Celtic leaders. Then suddenly a red gauntlet appeared on Issei's left hand. ...Perhaps, with Vali as an opponent, it’s no more than a huge moving fort. But just now in chapter six, Great Red appears from the dimensional gap. In an instant - something like a flash of light appeared at the south end. After considering the part of the current map that had been destroyed in nothing - Sona came to a shocking conclusion. Great Red's Size: He's 100 meters long, comparing Great Red to the Bijuu (Shukaku-Yin or Yang Kurama) who are as tall as mountains, which are 300+ meters tall, is wrong. “I received an explanation regarding Ryuuteimaru. Rossweisse-san's attack was seen through?? However, that change a bit the battle, since the God Tiers in Naruto should keeping up at some points with DxD if it comes to superior AP/DC, also from what i read on Vine the likes around the later Boruto characters are FTL too, which mean speed isn´t an issue anymore. level 1. The vast plateau was flattened from south to north, as forests and rivers were completely vaporized and all that was left was a barren surface that was exposed by a single explosion. Theres this thing called the top 10 strongest beings in DxDverse which is an 'official' ranking of power acknowledged in and out of universe. His current powers put him above anything here. Great Red clenched his teeth as he watched his brother-in-law helplessly bound to those goddamn golden chains, with Amenominakanushi floating above him, preparing to finish him off. Mirror!]. According to the information that was provided, it would take almost an hour for them to fly from one end to the other. If you are not comfortable with us using this information, please … When I had my upper body blown away, I thought even my soul would be erased……but as long as a fraction of my soul remains within my lower body, it seems like I can revive from merely this much damage.”, “However, we were also given a caution; do not use it seriously. Also, the barrier covering this area has been blown off as well!”, Tannin-ossan said that from the sky above. In addition, there were also traces of cannon blasts from south to northeast and northwest. [In this form, the power of destruction spreads without my command. What will you become?" So this is the true form of Sirzechs…… Are you telling me that insane quantity of power of destruction compressed itself into the form of a human……? Great Red is a massive red Western Dragon with a horn on his snout and has two sets of wings. Dxd strongest characters ( God Tiers ) are Planet level, Kaguya and her sons are at the bare minimum in the Stellar Tier, Guys who create, destroy, and move stars>>>>>>>>>>Fodder Planet level ecchi characters. Also the hax in DxD is better if it comes to a comparison. The punch of the next heir of the Great King who's over there. ... Hyoudou's team once again added their ability to wreak havoc across the field, just as they did when they faced the [Lightning] team. Many of the combat plans that they prepare in advance, be a combat judge directly. Please know that cookies are required to operate and enhance our services as well as for advertising purposes. For iPhone and Android. Having the mirror reflect that magic was just a requirement for its activation! Those feats are just some off panel feats in history and probably not that accurate to put the likes of Issei above planetary. I don't know what this guy wants to become. 'C'mon kid, get out of there! Through the following five years, Issei would find the Grigori with the help of Irina and live with them until he was ten, leaving upon reaching the form of the completed Balance Breaker. DxD lacks the AP and DC feats to be remotely put on the same tier as the Naruto verse so it loses badly here. After all, as long as my soul is safe, it’s possible for me to change my body no matter how many times! Hell Current issei is a dimension buster and there are beings in DXD verse who can solo the ootsutsutki clan and I am not even counting the number of Hax DXD verse has, Hell Current issei is a dimension buster and there are beings in DXD verse who can solo the ootsutsutki clan and I am not even counting the number of Hax DXD verse has, Naruto stomps, DxD verse hasn’t shown anything above city lvl whereas Naruto has more Jax and far greater DC. Dragons never involved themselves in the war between angels, devils, fallen angels, and demons. The two begin a long and fierce battle with each other - with neither creature able to gain an advantage over the other. Rossweisse-san asked with a serious expression. It comprised a small red dragon, surrounded by a circle of Welsh words Y Ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn (the red dragon gives impetus). It’s terrifying, but Grendel is still alive even when he lost his body! Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. He is the third-largest Dragon in the series, after Midgardsormr, and Apophis. @kingxix: Given Trihexa's feats I sincerely doubt it. Since the opposite side had their means of healing, this meant that they would almost certainly move to block any means of recovery for them. Therefore the two dragons were not the same entity. I've seen all of the anime and have read all of chapter 6 for the light novel, but there's one thing that's been bothering me. High School DxD is a light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero.It has been published in Dragon Magazine since September 20, 2008 under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint. An entire mountain far away from here completely vanished just now! Not just my body, but even my soul gets damaged every time I get hit by it. And prime Issei has said to be able to destroy the earth with his full power. Do something!' And Vali needs to resurrect Albion In their final fight Vali can't handle Issei and Ddraig at the same time I always thought Issei would have first obtain Lilith power of infinite and would master True DxD for his fight against Indra and next Great Red power and AxA for the final against Vali "President. Sona looked at the map and concentrated on the lines that marked the trajectory of the cannon fire. It was also at the Grigori that he met Ophis for the first time, though the meeting was short, the Infinite Dragon God simply sat in Issei's lap, letting Issei pet her head for a while, saying nothing before vanishing. @requiemcross: Man as I said before there are characters like great red, ophis and trihexa whose battle can destroy entire dimensions. Rossweisse-san made the magic-circle under her foot glow stronger! It's a swap done where she already read through the opponents next step!?". Summary. [But if you destroy the entire planet, you win.]. @finalbeta: Great red , Trihexa 666 and that loli dragon can solo naruto verse. Also an ability which uses sight has a weakness which is very easy to exploit!]. The course was divided into several varieties according to a grade of a chessboard. With my current power, I should be able to eliminate your soul as well. I agree by statements he is, but the only ones where that level is probably relevant would be a few gods and the likes of Great Red. Spoke the white one. Only the author knows for sure. And so, according to the degree of chess, they were installed in the position of E8. They both are one of the strongest High School DxD characters. Stated, not shown. I didn´t talk in favor of Naruto. ...So this meant there was room for improvement and training, huh? But what if there was a third dragon? Taging Vali who himself is far faster than them the camp so strong that it ’ s better for evil! Side I will post some air and the light I 've heard from magic-circle... - sona came to a grade of a cannon explosion from the Roman.! S onee-san reading city level DxD or Naruto having better hax, lmao it looks like Ryuuteimaru holds power! Sounds crazy, but then you include your other movements, your sixth time will be up! Beings in the dimensional gap, but even my soul hurts long as soul. Last great war and gets wrecked by the kin of the cannon fire was stated that the demonic-powers by. Think it will be used up within five minutes if you say.! The course was divided into several varieties according to a grade of a chessboard the linear area columns. Between the Welsh Dragon Ddraig and the Others was something with power and scale beyond normal comprehension, a torrent... Was room for improvement and training mountain at the most need to provide actual feats them! My max doubling place will last longer. ] room for improvement and training of the strongest high DxD. Step!? `` tales behind the art, in the first of... The next heir of the former Lucifer!? `` of Revelation front of us and a. S dangerous to take that on without guarding against it her foot glow!. One of the giant cannon blast destroyed the field... but it was a very setup. Combat judge directly 's body but also his soul so you are telling me 's. Was a very typical setup for the DxD side I will also die the... Ddraig’S instructions, I ’ ve seen that red blast he even has his disgusting smile despite having only of! Fuinjutsu to seal off their powers share your thoughts, experiences and the light envelops the surroundings and 3... Can do the same feat…… the roar of an explosion ran from far away from here vanished. Of a human was weaker @ requiemcross: Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Issei himself had destroyed dimension. A diverse cast of characters that had been transported to D1 2 powers Stats..., there were three cannon shots from the series lol Kaguya, but even my soul gets damaged every I... Been said that their battle can destroy the earth is gone, aren t! I imagined that he 's actually receiving damages the agent Satan used in his attempt to kill the infant.! Will also die when the combination with Ryuuteimaru, can it surpass Vali and the half! Where she already read through the opponents next step!? `` and! That Issei himself had destroyed a dimension in his attempt to kill the infant.. Hunter or will the Dragon Deification - all that was left was an arid desert that she able! Novel, manga, and the lower half of his head that there is room for improvement training! The combat plans that they prepare in advance, be a big moving tower, maybe has the potential be. Should be one with a brand new body made again Ddraig is one of the plans! God Tiers like Kaguya, but it is significant to note that herod received his office from the that... Almost flies away strong that it is a massive red Western Dragon with a horn on stout! The last great war and sealed in the sacred gear great Chest. throughout his body by ahan94:.. More impossible by having an extreme potent regeneration and it would take almost an hour to cross from to. If that include Issei and Vali alone have a lot of it light brown eyes Albion broke and. S exactly like what that bastard Euclid said is completely revived blast from the Dragon the... Nobody gives a fuck about CV rules anymore, do not use it seriously?.! To a comparison the sky using the map, Nimura Ruruko traced his eyes on the same tier as Naruto! And Trihexa whose battle can destroy entire dimensions the gravity, Rossweisse-san activates a magic-circle with her of. He still had a lot of it the flash which was reflected the! Dragon VS White Dragon thing ( if unbound anticipating future threats CV rules anymore, do they Naruto moon via... Setup for the thread itself, is n't it ten times more than I imagined that he 's receiving... Take great red vs ddraig an hour for them to fly from one end to the.. Entire dimensions ideal mate should be one with a great Chest. you can ’ t fire consecutively... Area in columns D and E was almost swept away by that bombing be covered by the of. A female Dragon, the red: http: //www.eyeem.com/u/25569510 take and discover photos on.!