Perennial dianthus is often called Sweet William, due to its spicy fragrance with hints of clove and cinnamon. Watch Us on YouTube . This dynamite series will keep perennial borders rocking for years to come, thanks to vivid colour, durable performance and count-on-it overwintering! Key Sweet William facts. True Leaf Market also carries a selection hybrid Dianthus seeds, a cross between D. chinensis (China pink) and D. barbatus – try the dwarf ‘Telstar’ mixed series for continuous, colorful blooms all summer. Intro: Dianthus flowers are perfect for plant containers and will bring a splash of color to any urban balcony garden. Botanical name. Bloom Time: Late spring through frost. Soggy soil will damage this plant, so avoid overwatering. There are numerous types of dianthus, so there's one for almost any garden situation. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees, Lepidoptera (Moths & Butterflies). Name – Dianthus barbatus Family – Caryophyllaceae Type – biennial Height – 8 to 16 inches (20 to 40 cm) Exposure – full … Read on to learn how to care for dianthus properly. Dianthus 'Dash Magician' is fast to flower, produces long-lasting, big, blousy flowerheads and is perfect for cutting and bringing into your home An easy-to-grow, hardy perennial, the Sweet William is an old-fashioned cottage garden plant, and this modern variety produces masses of … Plug crop time: 4 to 5 weeks Transplant to finish: Late Spring through Autumn finish, 11 to 13 weeks; Winter finish, 14 to 18 weeks Easily grown from Dianthus seeds, this plant will bloom in about 3 months. Seeds available here Pinks - Dianthus species are a star of the garden in June. Height/Spread: Upright stature, 12-24 inches tall, 12 inches wide . ... Another common name for dianthus is sweet william (D. barbatus). Suggested uses. We have 1,515 images of 1,159 dianthus in our Dianthus database. Those choosing to grow carnations in a pot should move containers so that they receive at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Dianthus barbatus – turkish carnation is native to southern Europe and partially Asia. First, Dianthus flowers are beautiful and come in a variety of colors and shapes. The pink, red, and sweet Williams do well as border plants for the garden, or by the side of pathways in the garden. Carnations, dianthus don’t need much or intense care, but there are still some details that need to be kept in mind in order to ensure the best growth possible. Pruning. Many types have flowers with a fragrant, spicy scent and notched petals. Maiden pink is a very beautiful small perennial, excellent to decorate rocky areas and low-lying walls. Dianthus barbatus, ‘Sweet William’, ‘Green Trick Dianthus’ ... Dianthus Care. Dianthus barbatus 'Barbarini White' (Barbarini Series) (Sweet william 'Barbarini White' ) will reach a height of 0.3m and a spread of 0.3m after 2-5 years. Dianthus (Dianthus Barbatus Dunetti) - This crimson red Sweet William Dianthus is a compact, upright plant about 18 to 24 inches tall, vigorous and eager to please. Like many container grown ornamentals, carnation flowers will require regular watering, depending upon the weather. Dianthus Care. The carnation, dianthus likes sunny, wind-protected locations, which enable it to develop nicely. It is hardy to zone (UK) 4 and is not frost tender. Despite being a biennial or even a short-lived perennial … Dianthus Barbatus – Sweet William This selection is midsized, with upright stems of lightly fragrant, lacy, vivid red single flowers. Sweet William, or barbatus carnation, is perfect for decorating flower beds and garden boxes thanks to its magnificent colors. Although some species can get up to 18” tall, most dianthus are usually o Pests and Diseases. Also known as Sweet William or Pinks, dianthus blooms in a variety of colors, including white, pink, red, rose, lavender and yellow. Potted carnation plants will require frequent care throughout the growing season. Varieties bred from this species give the gardener a selection of heights and branching habits to fit a range of gardening needs and space; from large cutting gardens to lush planters on a patio. Dianthus Care. They are typically red, pink, salmon, and white, and they tend to grow best in a humid area, so they will do well in the southern part of the country. ‘Telstar’ Dianthus Seeds, in Packages of 100 or 500. Dianthus: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties. Dianthus, also called pinks, is treasured for its grasslike, blue-green foliage and abundant starry flowers, which are often spicily fragrant. How to Grow and Care for the Dianthus Flower in Containers. Care. Making sure that they have the right environment for growth is important. The dianthus plant is the quintessential cottage flower. A member of the carnation family, dianthus looks and often smells like a miniature carnation plant. Dianthus Caryophyllus. Exposure: Full to partial sun. Dianthus: Why We're Featuring This Plant. Dianthus features linear, narrow foliage, with a green-blue hue that appears opposite each other on the plant’s slender stems. The flowers are frilled on the outer edges and some carry a very strong spicy fragrance to them. Dianthus grow about 12-inches high and have finely spiked blue-green leaves. Dianthus plants range from tiny creeping groundcovers to 30-inch-tall cut flowers, which are a favorite with florists. How to Grow Dianthus barbatus Plants in your Garden Gardener's HQ Guide to Growing Sweet William. Sweet william 'Sweet Pink Magic' Genus. Beds and borders, Bees (attract & feed bees), Containers, Cottage/Informal, Edging, Flower Arranging, Greenhouse, Rock Features. Botanical name: Dianthus x barbatus Family: Caryophyllaceae Care & cultivation: Sunny, open, good, free draining, alkaline soils, remove old flower-heads, trim unruly plants in late summer While starting out might seem to be tricky, dianthus are actually quite easy plants to care for. Color: Red, pink, purple, white or bicolored flowers; green foliage. Almost all dianthus have flowers that are some shade of pink. Some say the flowers smell like sugar and cloves. Another popular Dianthus is Sweet William, or Dianthus barbatus, a biennial or short-lived perennial that can grow up to 60cm tall. It is noted for attracting wildlife. 2. Positive: On Jun 30, 2013, lancer23 from San Francisco, CA wrote: So easy to grow, a perennial here. (=‘PAS1141436’) A hybrid strain of Dianthus which is a true multi-use plant, excellent for massed bedding, growing in the perennial border or in mixed containers and tubs. Dianthus barbatus. The sweet William is a traditional cottage garden perennial, coming in a range of flower colours and forms. Dianthus species vary in hardiness and size most are ideal for rockeries or small perennial borders, and some are suitable for alpine troughs. Click here to browse or search the plants in this database. Plant Dianthus barbatus in a full-sun to lightly shaded area with well-drained soil. Dianthus barbatus, commonly called sweet William, typically grows 12-24” tall and features small flowers held in dense, flat-topped terminal clusters (3-5” wide). Sow seeds in the autumn where they are to flower. Dianthus Dianthus. Name – Dianthus deltoides Family – Caryophyllaceae Type – perennial, annual or biennial Height – 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) Exposure – full sun Soil – ordinary. Dianthus caryophyllus produce fragrant, loosely tufted blooms sure to catch the attention of nose and eyes. Dianthus barbatus 'Sweet Pink Magic' (Sweet Series) Other names. Deadhead regularly to extend the flowering period and prevent self seeding. Leaves are prone to rust disease. It’s technically a short-lived perennial, but is usually grown as a biennial, with seeds sown in summer for flowering plants the following year. I would love to know what happened. It is in flower from July to August, and the seeds ripen from August to September. Dianthus barbatus is a biennial member of the Dianthus genus and usually goes by the name of Sweet William. I had 16 Dianthus plants which grew beautifully for four years. This beloved short … Many cultivars are available in commerce, including double-flowered forms as well as some dwarf plants (4-8” tall). They are perennials that bloom in mid- to late spring and their flowers smell faintly of cloves. Dianthus Care You can find more of dianthus care needs, when it flowers, its uses, and more by becoming a Plant Profile Club member. Major Maiden pink facts. Dianthus flowers consist of five petals, with a … Propagating Dianthus barbatus. 1. It's also interesting that the ‘pink’ originally referred to the crimped edges of the pink’s petals. Rockin' the garden! Blooming Season : Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn, Late Summer Plant Habit : Upright Spacing : 10 - 14" (25 - 36cm) Height : 16 - 20" (41 - 51cm) Width : 12 - 14" (30 - 36cm) Exposure : Sun Grower Information : Seed supplied as: Pelleted. Makes great cut flowers, smell like cloves, spicy, like a carnation but much easier to take care of. When people think of carnations, this is the variety that most people consider.