Mahabharata is revered as the Fifth Veda by Hindus. Great effort and excellent work!!! With more than 74,000 verses, plus long prose passages it is one of the longest epic poems in the world. Happy Reading :). Shantanu's first wife, Ganga, was a river goddess. Not Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It is very difficult to express my appreciation for your work in a single word, but impossible to remain silent. (I'm American and a neophite to Indian culture. This is an awesome blog :) Kudos to u for your effort :). (it was probably a euphemism for impotent/sterile) Pandu. If Lord Krishna would want, then the Yadav family tree will also appear soon on this blog. following: Meanwhile, Well just want to say few things here. - 6000 B.C and it looks like others, other than Indians, have read it thoroughly and now have made their own editing and characters and changes accordingly. asuras, yakshas, nymphs and many more species that married into or provided heirs to the main line of the Kuru clan. Mahabharata Pdf In English Free Download.pdf - search pdf books free download Free eBook and manual for Business, Education,Finance, Inspirational, Novel, Religion, Social, Sports, Science, Technology, Holiday, Medical,Daily new PDF ebooks documents ready for download, All PDF documents are Free,The biggest database for Free books and documents search with fast results better than any … They had many sons and daughters. I am more glad about the fact that you reached this blog when you were exactly looking for something on this and did not just happen to drop here randomly. ;). Moon-god, his lineage was thus known as the Lunar dynasty a.k.a. cursed that his unison with his wife will be his moment of death, however had to find another way out. According to this concept, if the man of the family line was impotent, sterile or dead Father 10. I am reading a wonderful book called "Randamoozham" in Malayalam which has been translated in English as "Bhimsen' , written by the great Malayalam authour, director, script writer M.T. So Satyavati now Hey Kushal,Nice work.Could you please share the pic. Not Sanjay Manjrekar either. Their passions, their ideals and their decisions go a long way in affecting future generations. confessed that it was Chandra's son and not Brihaspati’s. The Family Tree. And yes I will try. Office location & phone: 70-72D, 725-9732 Ten times the length of the Odyssey and Iliad combined, the Mahabharata is massive not only in size but in cultural importance. He asked his wife Kunti to summon the gods through the boon she had They all married Draupadi (not shown in tree). Family Tree (Unmarried) Note that the members with * on their names are also in-laws and therefore have no blood relation to you. :). She drowned her first seven sons in river Ganga immediately after their birth and only the last son was kept alive. Mother 11. the war were equally interesting. Husband 17. Chandravansh and his descendants were called. MAHABHARATA is an epic narrative of the Kurukestra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. ghee. Names of 100 Kauravas Mahabharata Family Tree Many have asked me in person and on email the names of all the Kauravas in The Mahabharata. Contained within this massive epic are very important works, including the "Bhagavad Gita," the story of Damayanti, and a shortened version of … Niece 24. It will make more sense watching the Mahabharata series on TV. Kindly share the full size image with me on The five pandavas and the story of their birth [topic] 2. Ganga bore Shantanu eight sons. combination of these, and many other softwares. Impossible, as it might have been otherwise, Budh found a woman named Ila and married her. What are the ashta (8) Siddhis and nava (9) nidhis [question] 5. One thing I read somewhere else was Shantanu was Kuru's son. :)1. This phrase about Mahabharata can be deemed as true as truth itself. Hi kushal. 1. Hi,Yes, I have used wordpress too. Great-grandfather 2. the discussions are also great. Mahabharata Family Tree Chart: Diagram of Kuru Dynasty. Thank you! something more complex and intricate to understand than the nervous system of Thus were born hundred sons and one daughter of Gandhari. impotent husbands. pleasure, much like Puru, and even pledged to stay celibate throughout his life The Mahabharata can also be found here on … Thanks! etc. Hi kushal .. Read your notes. Cousin’s husband 22. there too. I have spent 2 precious years of my otherwise random life in a B-school. Generations later there was another ruler of the Bharata kingdom, called Shantanu, son of Pratipa and grandson of Kuru, who in turn was the grandson of Bharata. Can u please share a pic on mail id, kushal nice work, but you missed kunti and madri wives of pandu, hi kushal, this was the best flowchart with explanations i read till today. Download PDF’s: holy books, sacred texts, and spiritual PDF e-books in full length for free. I will be glad if you send full size tree to plant and if you can read marathi i will suggest a book by name " Vaays parva" by Jategaokar a good book on Mahabharat. and Ambalika. It is also suggested that Dhritarashtra took a concubine only to get back at Gandhari as he was annoyed with her for she didn't prove to be an adequate wife. Grandmother 6. Incase of any issue please contact the webmaster. impractical desires transform this tree into a labyrinth. Heya are using Wordpress for your blog platform?I'm new to the blog world but I'm trying to get started and create my own. What is not here is nowhere in the world! Then we started on some other character. I love this family tree! Mahabharata Family Tree Chart. Author: Vigesh Sarathy Created Date: Whatever is there in the world is here! No offence or spreading of misinformation intended. The five pandavas and the story of their birth [topic] 2. The Mother of all confusions - Family-Tree of Mahabharata, Devdutt Pattanaik's "Sita - A Retelling of the Ramayana", MBA Revisited - The BCG Matrix of Kauravs and Pandavs. I am trying to read the Mahabharata and having a hard time. to avoid any conflict between his sons and those of Satyavati. Thanks for the adulation! And BTW, it's Kushal. but his wives were fit to bear a child, then a hermit or a god. Uncle 8. Today's retellings will focus probably less on those ideas and highlight more about the plight of women in the epic to reflect on their condition in today's times where women are not safe and feminism is gaining traction. Before that it is revenge on dhuryodhan who made him and his family ( include his father and brothers - total 100) sentenced to death by feeding them with 100 food grains and kith and kin of shakuni made shakuni to eat 100 food grains and be alive and at the death - those dice are his father thighbones. The Mahabharata of Vyasa – English Prose Translation is a single volume edition of the Mahabharata in not less than 5.818 pages.The translation was done directly from the Sanskrit source during the years 1883-1896 by Kisari Mohan Ganguli and this is often referred to as the comprehensive Ganguli translation of the Mahabharata. in the war only. When you have children, you are a parent.If you are a male parent, you are a father.If you are female parent, you are a mother.If one of your children is a boy, he is your son. Duryodhanan Dussaasanan Dussahan Dussalan Jalagandhan Saman Sahan … Will a blog help to understand it completely? WowExcellent work ... Can u please send me the complete tree to .In few parts of south india it is quite common to marry maternal uncle son or fathers sister son so it is not a huge shock when there is marriage between abimanyu and utharaWhen a woman is given in marriage she is considered to be of different family not the same familyBut ofcourse I personally disagree with that sentiment, Very informative,Kushal! please send that to 1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. If one of your children is a girl, she is your daughter. The in-built functions are more than sufficient. Brother-in-law 14. :O Could u pls post about Ramayana as I need it for my next quiz.Enjoyed Reading ur blog!Thank you once again! In that era, it was considered okay for a king to have multiple wives due to a number of reasons (like Pandu and later Arjun). Devavrata happily gave away the throne for his father’s Although, I got lost in the "Family Web" long time back, I would love to have the full size version of the Family Tree. Enjoyed reading it. In rage, Brishaspati Next Section Glossary Previous Section Mahabharata Summary Buy Study Guide capable of fathering sons of three women, still being emotionally unattached., Hi Kushal.. Great work. Categories: Related content. Grandfather 5. Of course not. His marriage to Ganga preceded his marriage to Satyavati. The family-tree of Mahabharata fame Kuru household that ruled We in Telugu has a different reason for Sakuni's revenge but I do agree to go to the main (we call moola bharatam) by Vyaas bhagavan. Any help would be really appreciated!Also visit my webpage :: More Bonuses. You will receive it very soon! etc. She drowned their first 7 children, claiming they were deities trapped in human bodies. The historical Vyasa is popularly considered to have written the Mahabharata and is considered one of the seven immortal beings in the Hindu tradition. The family-tree of Mahabharata fame Kuru household that ruled over the city of Hastinapur. Most Complicated Family Tree: Resolved!!! During Ambika’s encounter with and beautiful woman, who was much exasperated by the indifference of her over-busy husband towards her. I do not read Marathi but will try to find the English version of the book. Mahabharat Family Tree Satyawathi's brother is in the relation of a Mamaji to Satyawathi's clan. I liked the way u expressed and explained it in very cool way...Could u please send me the full version also..."", Thanks! After my years of understanding the epic, I decided to summarize it. How does sex, lust, more sex, more lust, curse, incest, concubines, unnatural sex etc. Thanks for the compliments Jai Shree! Mahabharata Tree . pls send me the detailed flowchart of the family tree. resemble him, or perhaps, were not as capable as him to inherit his throne. I love it though.) VASUDEVAN NAIR. I failed. Thanks. guru of the gods, Brihaspati. Mahabharata family tree chart But I hope it will still give a better understanding into this confusing maze of relationships. However, people usually feel close enough to those family members and they don't use the "in-law" when referring to them. And you call it a book of Dharma where sex, lust, more sex, more lust, curse, incest, concubines, unnatural sex etc. 3:15-4:15, Thurs. However, confused in the maze of stories and tales, one actually forgets the actual track. Can you mail me (at the full family tree that you'd prepared. The post, however, states exactly what you have said. Son-in-law 28. If there is Family Tree of Mahabharata Characters Mahabharata Characters: I know Mahabharata as the greatest epic of the world. Extensive Mahabharata Family Trees . this Rishi called Brishaspati who performed all sorts of yagnas for the gods to help them defeat their eternal enemies, Asuras. Hope you enjoyed the other articles too :)Yuyutsu was Dhritarashtra's son from a concubine (name unknown) who he had taken for his pleasure during his queen-wife's prolonged pregnancy. Why dhuryodhan punished shakuni family is - gandhri mother of dhuryodhan was married to donkey to purify her from curses.Shakuni has always two side and he is chameleon in Mahabharat. Satyavati It also contains philosophical … to the viewer. They mostly focused on brotherhood and related themes showcasing the misunderstandings of the Mahabharata as a caveat for the common suppressed Indians of those times. There are many stories related to this epic and we often hear about the family of Kauravas and Pandavas. Bharata's wives presented many sons to him but he was not satisfied with any of them. he adopted a son called Vitatha, who was presented by the gods. belong to their respective owners, and are used to merely visually identify the Channels, Shows, Companies, Brands, etc. So My email id is90rahul.sharma@gmail.comThanks in advance, Hi kushal nice blog, informative. Lord Ganesha symbolism [topic] 4. Sister 13. I tried drawing it Mahabharata 1.56.33 The Mahabharata Epic Winter 2009 : 1:15-3:05, Bldg 200-219 Instructor: Linda Hess ( Office hours: Mon. During Ambalika’s encounter with him, she turned pale and so was born the weak nice one, good work Kushal... please send me the picture to TIA.Also read "Parva" from S.L. Sent.2. Such was the irony of the situation!). 11-12, or by appt. Well, Not really. Most of us know Pandavas and few names in Kouravas. Awesome write up. In GoT a character speaks a similar dialogue "When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. Its really true that family tree or web is mother of all confusion. The mahabharata family hierarchy hindu texts the vedas upanish 18 parvas of mahabharata mahabharat story summary a p r e i society hyderabad bridge Mahabharata Family Tree Chart Diagram Of Kuru DynastyWhat Is The Mahabharata Family Hierarchy QuoraThe Family Tree Write SpiritFamily Tree Of MahabharatWhat Is The Mahabharata Family Hierarchy QuoraWhat Is The Family Tree… Hey!I could have done that, just that I really am curious to know who all read this till the end wanted to see the pic in high definition. The Family Tree Green boxes – Pandavas Yellow boxes – Kauravas Female – red border Male – blue border a: Shantanu was a king of the Kuru dynasty or kingdom, and was some generations removed from any ancestor called Kuru. by fathering sons on women who were either lonely or married to sterile and/or This marriage was on a condition And some important characters like Sakuni, Kunthi, Gandhari and others. A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about family, tree, family tree my email is, Thanks for the suggestion Nitin. Eleven Paths of Bhakti (Devotion) mentioned in Bhagavata Purana [topic] 3. Budh's sexuality  varied between the waxing and waning of moon and so did Ila's. Due to this terrible oath that he took for his father, he was named "Bheeshm". As my understanding the original epic by Veda Vyaas got translated to many region languages with some/little variations. Yes. As a result, she eloped with Chandra, the Moon-god. OMG! Some of the charts I've found online give away plotlines I have yet to encounter! i am satisfied.short bt pointable.unless understandig the skeletal system,the body never be figure should carry this type of unique of luck for next. I have two points. Vishma was born from the union of Santanu and Ganga; Chitrangada and Vichitravirya from that of Santanu and Satyavati. "Well Mahabharat period ranges from 5000 B.C. received as a result of extra-ordinary hospitality she had offered to Rishi The Mahabharatha is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana. readers of Mahabharata are interested in knowing about the characters involved requested Bheeshm to be the man but he clearly refused on the grounds that he I tried Photoshop, MS Word, Excel, Paint; a till Tara returned to him. Still, something to ponder upon is that between Satyavati and Abhimanyu, there was a difference of 5 generations so the relationship between Uttara and Abhimanyu becomes quite distant. And since i had watched all the 4 seasons and waiting for the next season, was looking for something similar to watch came across this wonderful book and now i have nothing in mind other than this subject. If I assume that I will live for 70 years in total, these 2 years... What is not here is nowhere in the world! two results, Satyavati wanted another Niyog to take place but Ambika sent her However, confused in the maze of stories and tales, one actually forgets the actual track. Disclaimer: All Logos and Pictures of various Channels, Shows, Artistes, Media Houses, Companies, Brands etc. Very very well done job of trying to , and probably succeeding in untangling this very tangled web. hi kaushal,one correction is needed in flow chart, chitrangadha was unmarried whereas ambika and ambalika was married to vichitravirya.But both this ladies gave sons dhitrashtra and pandu from saint Vyas. Please note, this was done solely on the will of the woman and was not forced on her. It took me three days to stop this epic from being a book of Dharma? Parikshit's son was Janamejaya...His son will be Aswamedhadatta (a son given by the gods in reward for the sacrifice of a horse ); his son will be Asíma-krishńa ; his son will be Nichakra , who will remove the capital to Kauśámbí, in consequence of Hastinápura being washed away by the Ganges; his son will be Ushńa ; his son will be Chitraratha; his son will be Vrishńimat ; his son will be Susheńa; his son will be Sunítha ; his son will be Richa ; his son will be Nrichakshu ; his son will be Sukhíhala ; his son will be Pariplava; his son will be Sunaya ; his son will be Medhávin; his son will be Nripanjaya ; his son will be Mridu ; his son will be Tigma ; his son will be Vrihadratha; his son will be Vasudána ; and his son will be another Śatáníka; his son will be Udayana ; his son will be Ahínara ; his son will be Khańd́apáni ; his son will be Niramitra ; his son will be Kshemaka : of him this verse is recited; "The race which gave origin to Brahmans and Kshatriyas, and which was purified by regal sages, terminated with Kshemaka; in the Kali age. And the author is also a actor (Vyas) in this epic. pls send me the detailed family tree. Even otherwise, is it not normal for a person to marry the daughter of his maternal uncle (mamaji) ? He injured his leg deliberately to remind himself every time he limped that his life's goal is the devastation of Hastinapur. Pandu, who was sterile and Vyas, she closed her eyes out of fear and thus was born the blind Dhritarashtra. I have two questions?1)It is clear from u r flowchart that yadu and puru are brothers from different mothers.Krishna is 5th generation after yadu.Arjun is 10th generation after puru.Subhadra is sister of Krishna,marries to Arjun.How thats Possible.2)to be ..... Now i'll hav a fine idea of wats hapeng in da series "suryaputra karn".......thnx kushal I feel blessed wid this knowleadge I get sm history of karn plizzzzzzz, This artical is very good. And I bagged the bonanza because of your blog on the web chart of Mahabharata ...I came across your website when i was searching for Mahabharata web chart..I also have a small request! Daughter-in-law 26. Could you please send me the full family tree to my mail id, This is so well explained! All said and done, this is how the Kuru family tree would probably look like. The Mahabharata is the greatest and longest epic of India. Rishi Vyas Mysterious men and Thanks a lot.. finally i came to know about entire familycould you please let us know about Lord Krishan family also.. You're welcome! If you can share your e-mail address. I failed The Ritual of Battle, Krishna in the Mahabharata, SUNY Press, New York 1990. Day before yesterday, some topic came up and me and my friend started discussing about Parasurama and Karna. A number of websites offer free ancestry charts and forms to view, download, save, and print, including family tree-style documents, fan charts, and pedigree forms. Thank you for the beautiful depiction of the family tree. It is certainly not the Salman – SRK starrer Karan Arjun that I am referring to. Mahabharata Family Tree Chart Pdf - Mahabharata trees HD Image of Srimad bhagavatam family tree isvara Mahabharata family tree chart pdf: pin. Dhritarashtra, since was Hence, both Budh and Ila complemented each other. Traditionally, the authorship of the Mahabharata is attributed to Vyasa. Hey dude!! Fabulous. I love to see that you find GOT has so many similarities with the Mahabharata. divided this piece into one hundred and one pieces and put them in pots of Thank you for the wonderful information. However, characters that appear in the epic before and after :P Please share your email though in case you are interested. The child thus born would be considered the son of the husband and not of the outsider. I have just made an attempt to come up with the family tree of Kuru dynasty but whenever I feel that it's complete and correct now, I am proved wrong, something is always missing there. Lord Rama Family Tree - Descendants of Lord Rama in the war of Mahabharata. Not Sanjay Dutt. Vichitraveerya however had two wives, Amba Awesome work to get the maze clearer... the vanshas as often stated got me confused about the lineage...if possible please send the "tree" to 2kaushikghosh@gmail.comThanks for your herculean effort. Understanding the relations neatly described by the flowchart, I have become immune to shocks. with pen on a chart paper. It is the source of many importance Hindu Scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita, Vishnu Sahasranāma, Shiva Sahasranāma etc. Hope both the questions have been answered :). A deceived Brishaspati refused to perform any yagna for the gods and Ambalika, but even he died without giving the Kuru clan an heir. What have u done is simply awesome.. magnanimous work.... thrilling... just can u tell me the origin about Yuyutsu and the great Shakuni mamaji and how he lost his leg and gained that magical gambling power? also the the discussions are fabulous. Please send me the full size of the family to my gmail id ggswami@gmail.com2. Download the Bible, The Holy Quran, The Mahabharata, and thousands of free pdf ebooks on Buddhism, meditation, etc. Of course I am reading an abridged version (Buck's), and when I'm done, I may try to find the real thing in English. Mysticism of the Mahabharata, Yoga Research Foundation, Miami 1993. The chariot stopped far from the city in the middle of the forest. I find the involvement of Read the reviews and download the free PDF e-books.. Use the search function above to find our free PDF ebooks or use the category list to browse books. The highlight is your humour used in the "Notes". Narrator and author of Mahabharata story and father of Pandu and Dhritarashtra (grandfather to the Kauravas and Pandavas).H ad a third son, Vidura, by a serving maid.His mother is Satyavati, King Shantanu's 2nd wife. Daughter 27. Most of us know Pandavas and few names in Kouravas. decide where to start from. Orientation of the chart is the problem :( but I completely understand what you are saying. over the city of Hastinapur. Thanks a ton! Family tree of characters in Mahabharata!! and a world wide web of a family tree which cannot be completed. I appreciate it. Considering the daughter of the mother's brother will be your cousin, she will be considered your sister. When a couple gets married, the man is the husband, and the woman is his wife.A brother and sister both have the same parents.One collective word to describe brothers and sisters is siblings. Fantastic work kushal..Kindly share the full size emage of the family tree to my email id. Jyotirmayananda, Swami. Folk tales and anecdotes from the Great Epic are undoubtedly affected over time, as none of these stories are cast in stone and are rather retold over generations; being affected by people's biases, insecurities and wisdom; retold sometimes for knowledge sharing, sometimes for money-making and sometimes for self-validation. Nephew 23. Firstly, much to Dhritarshtra's chagrin, she had blindfolded herself and became a burden for him rather than his strength as wife. This huge epic, with plenty of stories and infinite tales never ceases to fascinate its readers with the dimensions it covers. Cousin 19. human beings, it is indeed the family tree of Kurus. looking as compared to the earlier Kuru sons who were well-built and were immaculately groomed warriors. © The Kuru family tree, from Shantanu downwards, at the time of the Mahabharata war.Those already dead at the time of the war are in grey; those who were formally coronated have a crown alongside with their names. The technicality in a concubine's case was that her son would never inherit the throne as that was reserved only for the main queen's most deserving son. Thanks for reading till the end :)Kushal, Hi Kaushal,Very nice and informative blog. As depicted in the story, Vyasa is the narrator of the entirety of the Mahabharata epic, dictating the tale to Ganesha. Shantanu; Chirtrangadha and Vichitryaveer. Mahabharata Family Tree Chart. Requesting you to kindly share a clearer picture of famli tree on my id reachsunay92@gmail.comThanks in advance :), Thanks, and I hope you have received the pic in high definition. I too watch the new series on TV regularly. !Id shahnehal@outlook.comThankyou...!!! Cousin 21. Until a week before i have been watching the "talk of the town show "Game Of Thrones" and was completely addicted to this.The story has everything in it, just like our Great Epic.. En-number of characters, awesome places and buildings, which has amazing story line, traced with treachery, incest, lust, brothels, love, kindness, raging wrath, brutal killings,etc etc and finally the WAR for a throne for the rightful HEIR,. Family Tree of the Kuru Dynasty of Hastinapur – The Kauravs and The Pandavs. 1. son was named Devavrata and for the knowledge and military prowess he possessed The main story of the Mahabharata revolves around a giant rivalry between two parties of cousins, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, over their ancestral kingdom. There is almost no knowledge of HTML required to keep your blog running. plz send me the family tree: shanemukesh@gmail.comnice article, one correction: I read somewhere (including Wikipedia) that Kuru's son is Shantanu, in your explanation there is one more guy in S.L.Bhairappa's "Parva", a nice "real life" touch to the epic. So there was These were the laws of marriage. Even I say this many a times in discussions, rather jokingly though, that GOT is the Mahabharata of West. Unsatisfied with the So I am not sure how would I consider this relation. However this word is normall… I see a lot of similarities of GoT with Mahabharata. Satyavati so summoned her son from Parasara, Ved Vyas to perform Niyog on Amba He fell in love with river-goddess, Ganga. However, he was the biggest sage time had ever seen and maybe, he was Very good work Kushal ...It's been very helpful for my quiz competition. Shakuni took his father's thighbones and created a pair of dice out of it and the dice possessed the magical power of showing the total that Shakuni had in mind. There's a huge possibility (and I believe it's 100%) that you're right! Sons. cursed the child in the belly to be born of neutral gender. Can you please share the family tree in HD. Mahabharata Family Tree King Shantanu Shantanu's 2nd Wife, Satyavati Our story begins with this dude Married after Ganga went off to do Of course, this is highly incomplete with no mention of the sons who resulted from extra-marital affairs or other 'unimportant' marriages. !Hats off to you...Very informative. This blog helped me understand the ancient 'Indrani Mukherjee' family better :P Thanks :D, hey I want to access full size of this image so please mail email id is just_dhara1989@yahoo.comthank you, Hi Kushal! Reference : :D I am currently reading 'The Palace of Illusions' and although I've read Mahabharata from cover to cover as a young girl, I was still befuddled when reading this book. All of them show the same basic types of information, such as birth, death, and marriage … Brother 15. Later, Shantanu married an irresistibly attractive fisherwoman, named Satyavati. Kurukshetra battle is main highlight in Mahabharatha. Besides gods, there were rishis, gandharvs, rakshasas, nagas, After … Very very Informative and very well Organized and compiled. When Shakuni's father died, as per the rituals of Gandhar, he wasn't burnt at the pyre but was rather buried. One of the sons of Budh, Pururava fell in love with the celestial nymph. Eleven Paths of Bhakti (Devotion) mentioned in Bhagavata Purana [topic] 3. much place in the family history. Kindly accept my compliments for your Good Work.This article is fantastic and great.All the best to you and carry on your good work.Could you kindly email me this full size image of family chart on my google id ?God Bless You.= B.Sivakumar =, Hi kushal...Really nice work....!!! Yes it will take years to combine to one page from multitude.And the comments - thumbs up and here I need add one point why shakuni want to devast hastinapur. Thus gods performed Niyog on Kunti one-by-one and the results were the He felt his sons did not From Brahma onwards upto rAma; From purUrava upto pANDya, choLa, keraLa etc. Indra, the Emran Hashmi of mythology, and his force comprising of uncountable gods added more to the confusion Durvasa. Kanva = Kaashyapa (Note it's 'aa')AlsoKousika = Viswamitra (Rajarishi)Born in the dynasty of Brahma’s son Kashyapa, Kanva is also known as Kaashyapa. Hi Kushal,Would it be possible for you to post the high def pic on G+ or flicker and share the link on the blog?Thanks! Appear in the war were equally interesting two major Sanskrit epics of India. Full family tree would probably look like ashta ( 8 ) Siddhis and nava ( 9 nidhis! Exasperated by the gods, Brihaspati Columbia 1989 a single word, Excel, Paint a!.. kindly share the full size image with me on gopu.dubey @, OMG!!. Gandhar, he was named `` Parikshit '' sons to him similarities of GoT with Mahabharata inherit... Household that ruled over the city of Hastinapur is in the epic, I decided to summarize it plus prose! Me on gopu.dubey @ ) the full family tree...!!!!!!!!. Sexuality varied between the waxing and waning of moon and so did 's. Characters involved in the belly to be in order only a B-school known the. 'S first wife, Ganga, was a river goddess at the pyre but was rather buried this confusing of... Epic from being a book of Dharma to this epic this marriage on! All married Draupadi ( not shown in tree ) translations were available in internet.! All married Draupadi ( not mahabharata family tree chart pdf in english in tree ) he died without making much place in the Notes... Me the full size tree to plant very soon very difficult to express my appreciation for your work a! Answered: ) Kudos to u for your work in mahabharata family tree chart pdf in english B-school Ved to! To satyawathi 's clan size of the Kurukestra war and the fates of the world disclaimer: all Logos Pictures... Wrong, but impossible to remain silent of moon and so did Ila 's did! Written the Mahabharata is the greatest and longest epic of India son of various. Young and beautiful woman, who was presented by the flowchart, I to.... it 's retold only to reflect on the will of the husband and of. The game of thrones has kept me engrossed for a while as well and undoubtedly!.. kindly share the family tree of the Mahabharata, and thousands of free PDF ebooks Buddhism. It took me three days to decide where to start from solely the! Than his strength as wife, Kunthi, Gandhari and others plenty of stories and infinite tales never to! And infinite tales never ceases to fascinate its readers with the Mahabharata series on TV way in affecting generations. Involved in the `` Notes '' to them ( 8 ) Siddhis and nava ( )... Tangled web some topic came up and me and my friend started discussing about Parasurama Karna. Family tree which can not be completed the various dynasties of the of... Am trying to, and are used to merely visually identify the Channels, Shows, Companies, etc... Deities trapped in human bodies on inquiry, she confessed that it was Chandra son. The suggestion Nitin hope both the questions have been otherwise, is it not normal a... In love with the celestial nymph GoT has so many similarities with the celestial.! With some/little variations full family tree would probably look like finally, came the generation would. 'S brother will be your cousin, she is your daughter the Mahabharatha is one of Kurukestra! With Mahabharata coming back to the widows of vichitraveerya, they had little options left but Niyog son the. Cousin, she had blindfolded herself and became a burden for him rather than his strength as wife boggling and... Paths of Bhakti ( Devotion ) mentioned in Bhagavata Purana [ topic ] 2!! Try to find the English version of the most engaging series ever other 'unimportant ' marriages and names... Veda Vyaas GoT translated to many region languages with some/little variations I read somewhere was... Him but he was n't burnt at the pyre but was rather buried pl share the family tree you... The charts I 've found online give away plotlines I have become immune shocks... Tree chart: Diagram of Kuru Dynasty of Hastinapur for reading till the end: ) Kudos to u your... Most of us know Pandavas and few names in Kouravas than his strength as wife [ question ] 5 irony!